04 OCTOBER 2022

Grosvenor Property UK launches social impact strategy

  • People Positive guides how the business will maximise its positive social impact
  • Priority focus areas framed by progressive and extensive research into societal and local needs
  • Strategy sees expansion of stretching sustainability ambitions – harmonising approach to commercial, social and environmental performance in decision making

Expanding its sustainability ambitions, Grosvenor Property UK has launched its social impact strategy.

Grounded in extensive research into societal as well as local needs in the communities GPUK plays a part in, People Positive advances how the business focusses and maximises its positive impact through its core activities.

People Positive concentrates on three strategic priorities:

  1. Improving wellbeing in the places GPUK’s makes and manages
  2. Helping local economies thrive by championing inclusive growth and diversity
  3. Maximising the positive impact of our people and partners

This strategy and its focus areas were informed by independent research* and community consultation which established an objective evidence base of what effects the wellbeing of key groups of people - workers, residents and visitors - in each of the places we operate in.

After grounding our approach in this way, the priorities were further shaped by the nature of GPUK’s core business and what it can credibly influence as well as where it can achieve co-benefits – aligning with Grosvenor’s overall purpose of delivering social, environmental and commercial benefit.

People Positive formalises an approach to the long-standing work GPUK delivers with, and for, the communities it is a part of. Through a more granular understanding of local needs, the business can now make better informed decisions and more effectively direct its resources across its places and through its teams and partners.

While creating impact through its core business is a priority, strategic philanthropy will also play a part and GPUK will continue to deliver its £1 million+ Greener Futures programme, which recently expanded to Liverpool and support the Westminster Foundation.

GPUK has some of the most stretching sustainability goals in the UK – covering zero carbon, zero waste, enhancing biodiversity and creating transformative partnerships. Social impact metrics, led by the research, will now be built into decision making in the same way as environmental goals to ensure the business considers and can assess its impact holistically.

The business will run and report against the wellbeing framework every two years and will continue to report annually against its environmental goals.

James Raynor, CEO, Grosvenor Property UK, commented: We want to have a genuinely long-term, positive impact on people and communities. But this isn’t something we take for granted as an automatic by product of what we do.

“So, we’ve expanded our sustainability ambitions to encompass a business-wide approach to social impact enabling us to understand, measure and maximise our impact. Social impact will now be as much a part of decision making as commercial and environmental considerations – ensuring people and planet are at the centre of our business.”

Tor Burrows, Executive Director, Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor Property UK, added: “The places we operate in have nuanced needs – there’s no one size fits all approach to delivering social impact. Having baselined indicators of wellbeing and by listening closely to what communities want, we’re now able to prioritise and direct our resources more effectively. This will ensure all our actions, delivered through our places, people and partners as well as philanthropy are pragmatic, meaningful and contextual to that diversity of local need, maximising our impact.”

conducted alongside the London School of Economics and Political Science, Simetrica- Jacobs and Social Life.

The strategy can be read in full here alongside examples of People Positive in action through each delivery pillar of place, team, partners and philanthropy.

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Grosvenor is an international organisation whose activities span urban property, food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives.

We are a values-led business which represents the Grosvenor family and share a common purpose - to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit - addressing today’s needs while taking responsibility for those of future generations.  

With a track record of over 340 years, we work to improve urban property and places in many of the world’s leading cities, promoting sustainability within the built environment and enhancing the wellbeing of customers and communities. 

Our UK property business supports c1,000 businesses and tens of thousands of residents and workers across London’s West End each day. We also invest in, create and manage sustainable neighbourhoods in Liverpool and across England. As a 1.5oC aligned company, pioneering change and new ways of thinking about property we aim to ensure our places benefit both people and the planet over the long term.

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