11 OCTOBER 2021

New framework guides environmental and community goals in Strategic Land sites

For each site, we are committed to delivering against our four environmental goals of zero carbon, zero waste, enhancing biodiversity and bringing our partners with us.

Where we are not in direct control of all works or activity such as construction, we collaborate with our partners to influence and reduce emissions, support job creation and improve quality of life in communities.

Launched today, the team’s new Masterplanning Sustainable Development Brief provides a framework for how we will work with suppliers and project partners and investors within each new community we plan.

The aim of the brief is to deliver best practice consistently across our Strategic Land development

projects, improve performance in-use, drive continual improvement and optimise the wellbeing and life satisfaction of communities, while minimising the environmental impacts of each development.

It challenges all involved to innovate and in so doing help secure the future of our planet and the communities we deliver.

About Grosvenor

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Grosvenor is an international organisation whose activities span urban property, food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives.

We are a values-led business which represents the Grosvenor family and share a common purpose - to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit - addressing today’s needs while taking responsibility for those of future generations.  

With a track record of over 340 years, we work to improve urban property and places in many of the world’s leading cities, promoting sustainability within the built environment and enhancing the wellbeing of customers and communities. 

Our UK property business supports c1,000 businesses and tens of thousands of residents and workers across London’s West End each day. We also invest in, create and manage sustainable neighbourhoods in Liverpool and across England. As a 1.5oC aligned company, pioneering change and new ways of thinking about property we aim to ensure our places benefit both people and the planet over the long term.

Rachel Garstang

Head of Corporate Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Grosvenor

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