19 OCTOBER 2023

Winners of the Grosvenor Sustainability Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year's Grosvenor Sustainability Awards which focus on championing organisations across our London estate that are making strides in sustainability. This year, we focused our theme around circularity and wanted to celebrate organisations that are already embodying the principles of the circular economy.

We had entries from a wide range of industries including jewellery to food services. We were impressed and moved by each story and journey, as it proves to us that we are attracting tenants & occupiers who share similar values in making positive impact in sustainability in the communities we serve, and spaces we occupy.  

While all entrants had powerful stories, after much deliberation, a group of expert panels including names on circularity decided on the following winners:

  • Circularity Champion - Apricity
  • Product Innovator - Edward Bulmer Natural Paint
  • Zero Waste Warrior - Biscuiteers
  • Small Business Leader - Gallic Books
  • Reuse Trailblazer - Monica Vinader
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We are so excited with the momentum and excitement from participating organisations and believe this is just the beginning. By highlighting, engaging in conversation, and rewarding companies that prioritise sustainability, we hope to encourage more to do the same.

Here’s what some of our winners said:  

"It's wonderful to see such a large organisation embracing its tenants so well, and encouraging them all to make positive changes. For me, circularity is about a common sense approach that values people and resources, and what each brings to the table, and needs to be cherished." - Chantelle Nicholson, Apricity 

“This award recognises that we are addressing the highly polluting downside of modern house paints and we are delighted to receive it, thank you Grosvenor.” -Edward Bulmer, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint 

"We challenge ourselves constantly to do better. Changing the way we operate in order to be more circular was not easy, however we wanted to set an example in hopes others would follow. For us, circularity is about reducing waste and guiding our customers to adopt habits that will minimize their environmental impact. Reducing their consumption of raw materials by making our jewellery in 100% recycled gold and silver. Repairing their jewellery if it's damaged with an extensive 5 year warranty and lifetime repairs programme. Offering them a recycling scheme to repurpose their jewellery rather than it ending up in a landfill. These are just some of the ways we engage customers around sustainability and encourage them to join us on our journey" - Olivia Canham, Monica Vinader 

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