Creating a lifestyle and cultural destination for the community

We believe the best approach to a partnership is one based on mutual values between tenants and landlords.

Golden Scene is a local film distributor and production house, offering Hong Kong made productions, independent films and international blockbusters. During the year, we secured them as our anchor tenant at 2 Catchick Street (2CS) in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong. Although we received a number of offers to lease the space from other operators and businesses, Golden Scene was selected due to our shared purpose and commitment to contribute meaningfully to communities where we operate and improve the wellbeing and quality of life for residents.

The introduction of an independent, boutique cinema to 2CS, 25 years after the last local cinema closed, addresses the priority needs of Kennedy Town residents, which we identified through our neighbourhood research in 2017.

During 2019-2020, repositioning works were undertaken in close collaboration with local residents. We made the decision to also upgrade the lobby of the residence at 2CS, improving the experience for residents. The cinema opened in February 2021.

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