3300 Whitehaven

A distinguished collection of apartment homes in the historic Georgetown neighbourhood.

Located just off Wisconsin Avenue at the upper end of the Georgetown neighbourhood, our 3300 Whitehaven project envisions the redevelopment of a vacant, five story office building on a 3.15-acre lot overlooking historic Dumbarton Oaks Park. The project will retain the existing foundations and below grade parking garage, adding a new, seven-story residential building atop the remaining structure to provide up to 256 multifamily units – approximately 15% of which will be affordable – to a deeply supply constrained submarket. Additionally, the redevelopment will create over 5,000 square feet of expansion space and over 34,000 square feet of new indoor and outdoor recreation facilities for the K-12 school located next to the project site.

Notably, 3300 Whitehaven is exploring the use of mass timber to achieve a meaningful reduction in overall embodied carbon, with the potential to substantially reduce the building’s impact over similar projects constructed from more traditional building materials. In addition to creating a unique and biophilic design expression in the units and common areas, utilizing mass timber at 3300 Whitehaven will also serve a critical leading-edge function to help pioneer important construction technology within the commercial real estate development industry and to facilitate growth and increased accessibility for a technology that promises major sustainability and other far-reaching benefits.

The project is currently pursuing jurisdictional approvals and is expected to commence construction in 2024.

ESG Impact

  • Targeting LEED Gold certification.
  • Approximately 15% of residential gross floor area to be set aside as affordable housing.
  • Creation of a 0.15-acre publicly accessible pocket park.
  • Ground floor educational space and new recreation facilities for the adjacent school.
  • Exploring the use of mass timber to drive down the embodied carbon impact of the project.


Property type: Multifamily residential

Location: Georgetown, Washington, DC

Acquired: 2020

Size: 137,088 sq.ft  

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