Whitford: ESG

Whitford consists of a stacked 3-storey townhome development comprised of 68 homes, the majority of which are designed to accommodate families. The project will be designed to be 40% more energy efficient in comparison to an average home, and will increase biodiversity, adding over 70 new trees.

Grosvenor's 2030 Net Zero Carbon Commitment (WGBC)

Whitford will meet Grosvenor’s 2030 Commitment to achieve Net Zero Operational Carbon by being designed to meet strict energy usage requirements, including electric vehicle charging stations, and utilizing the local green energy network.

Environmental - committed to net zero

Hot water supplied by clean energy


EnerGuide rating


EV-ready charging ability


Environmental highlights


  • Energy powered by clean, renewable hydro-electricity
  • EnerGuide rating of 40% - the project will be 40% more energy efficient than a typical new build
  • The project will meet or exceed metrics for Part 9, Step 4 Energy Step Code:
    • TEDI (Thermal Energy Demand Intensity) – 20 kWh/m2/year
    • MEUI (Mechanical Energy Use Intensity) Target – 45 kWh/m2/year 
    • GHGI – equal or less than 3kgCO2/m2a


  • 70% of average annual rainfall to be captured and treated on site
  • Waste water treatment infrastructure to remove 80% of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from rain water before discharging to City storm system
  • Minimum 20% reduction in indoor potable water use to be achieved
  • Tree trenches, bioswales, and permeable paving implemented to increase ground water infiltration efficacy
  • Over 90% of all hot water heating supplied by clean, renewable energy

Biodiversity & landscape

  • Approximately 74 new trees to be planted on site
  • 41% of site is landscaped, including:
    • native planting 
    • climate resilient planting
    • a variety of plant pollinators

Transit-oriented development / walkable city 

    • Located along transit route and bike lanes
    • Approximately 15-minute walk to rapid transit
    • 100% EV parking capability for residents 
    • 208 bicycle parking spots 


New homes


2 bedrooms +


Resident outdoor amenity space
(sq. ft.)


Social impact

Housing & Community

    • 68 new homes will replace the 8 duplexes/residences that currently exist on site
    • 90% of the homes will be suitable for families (2BR +)
    • Child play area and large courtyard
    • Dog wash amenity offered below grade


2023 GRESB results


GRESB Development*


Above peer average
(Points )


Governance at Grosvenor

  • 2030 net zero carbon commitment 
  • 4-stars 202 GRESB Development Benchmark Results 
  • 91/100 Overall Development ranking (14 points above industry peer average of 77)
  • *2nd Ranking for GRESB Development Score within Americas/Non-listed/Core/Closed end
  • ESG Partner Principles offer guidance for Net Zero Carbon, Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Businesses and Communities, Health & Wellbeing, and Nature & Biodiversity objectives

 Environmental objectives in North America 

  • 58% reduction in overall BAU emissions by 2030; 100% of scope 1 and 2, 40% scope 3 (embodied carbon reduction)
  • 20% reduction in tenant spaces by 2030 (energy efficiency)
  • 50% of electricity consumption provided from renewable sources by 2030 (clean energy)
  • 75% of suppliers compliant with our supply chain charter by 2030 (partnerships)

Certain information contained in this page, including, but not limited to, the environment, social and governance targets set within, are forward-looking statements regarding Grosvenor’s goals and objectives, and are based on current expectations, assumptions, estimates, projections, opinions and beliefs. Forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain, and actual results may differ materially from those reflected within. Grosvenor does not assume any obligation to update such information, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise, except as required by law. 

December 2023.

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