Greener Futures

Greener Futures empowers community led climate action and improves people’s lives by: 

  • Supporting training and jobs in the green economy 
  • Enabling communities to take climate action 
  • Improving disadvantaged young people'saccess nature 

Together with our partners,Groundwork,The Westminster Foundation, The London Community Foundation and the Community Foundation for Merseyside, we raise money and offer our time to help communities benefit from a greener economy.   

Our impact 
In its first two years, Greener Futures has facilitated the donation of over £1 million to climate focussed community projects in London and Liverpool as well as to its charity partner Groundwork.

How to access funding:

Grants are available via the London Community Foundation and the Westminster Foundation for projects that: 

  • Align with our ambition and aims 
  • Have a clear charitable and/or community-led purpose 
  • Are initiated by charities and/or community organisations  
  • Have defined outcomes which align with one of the three aims 
  • Benefit communities in and around the places where Grosvenor works, in particular disadvantaged communities  

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Greener Futures Film

Greener Futures Film

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