Our services

We believe that the provision of a safe and secure high-quality home fulfills a basic human need and that the resilience needed by people to deal with life’s challenges and positively contribute to society is built upon this foundation.

Through our family support professionals working alongside their peers within local statutory services, we support people with the help they need, focusing on employment and routes to employment and mental health and wellbeing:

  • Employment and routes into employment – including building the necessary skills to gain work, job brokerage and career mentoring to achieve financial stability. We aim to make the most of opportunities from Grosvenor’s extensive supply chain and those stemming from engagement with local civic employers and other local businesses.

    We also provide contemporary and flexible workspaces in close proximity to our affordable homes to serve business users from across the local area as well as our tenants who can make use of dedicated space for homework/ homeworking in a professional environment with hands-on support available.

    Moreover, we support tenants and the wider entrepreneur community through a structured business incubator programme that takes participants through the process of business start-up – from idea to business plan to launch – with the opportunity to pitch for seed funding. This is a unique and novel addition to the “housing plus” model.

  • Mental health and wellbeing – co-ordinating and accelerating, where needed, access to high-quality therapeutic services and providing a range of activities to develop people’s wellbeing and self-worth so that all individuals can achieve their full potential. These may include evidence-based parenting programmes or practical household skills and job readiness training. We also arrange structured peer support, evidenced to improve wellbeing, and a programme of tenant-led activities to facilitate the development of strong, supportive local communities.

  • Grosvenor Hart Hub – a community and business centre flexible workspace in Chester city centre where you can work, collaborate, network, and innovate alongside a social enterprise.
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