08 JULY 2021

Wheatsheaf Group acquires nutrient management solutions company Ostara

Wheatsheaf Group, which invests in food and agriculture businesses and is part of the Grosvenor Estate, has acquired Ostara, whose innovative nutrient management solutions recover phosphorus from wastewater, such as water treatment sites, to produce eco-friendly fertilizers. 

The acquisition will: 

- Support Ostara’s growing international operations through a program of strategic investment. 

- Provide expanded access to global partners to further accelerate the sales growth of Ostara’s Pearl® nutrient recovery facilities and its Crystal Green® continuous release, root-activated fertilizers. 

- Development and implementation opportunities for Ostara’s proprietary water treatment solutions on an increased scale. 

- And access to experienced, skilled advisors and employees within Wheatsheaf and its portfolio companies to promote the continued development of proprietary technologies offering social and environmental benefits. 

Wheatsheaf Group invests in food and agriculture businesses using capital and expertise with a far-sighted perspective to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit. 

Its acquisition of Ostara supports these objectives and provides financial and expert resources to develop and scale up the business to establish its long-term success. 

Monty Bayer, Executive Director of Wheatsheaf Group, said: “Ostara is a business of outstanding potential which is naturally positioned to offer solutions with significant end-user and environmental benefit in both the water management and crop nutrition environments. We are looking forward to working closely with the management team to further develop and scale up the business’ commercial success and realize the positive impact of its activities.” 

Ostara reimagines resources, helping communities around the world clean water to grow more food. 

“We have a long-standing relationship with Wheatsheaf and are excited about the opportunity to join their organization,” added Dan Parmar, President and CEO of Ostara. 

“There is an excellent fit between our corporate visions and our cultures. Ostara’s vision of cleaning water to grow more food strongly aligns with Wheatsheaf’s vision to support regenerative agriculture to promote tangible social and environmental benefits.  Through this acquisition, Ostara will have direct access to additional resources that will help accelerate its growth in North America and internationally.” 

Paul Mannion

Public Relations and Communications Manager

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