Supporting community success

Sustainable, resilient communities thrive. We’re committed to long term partnership with those who rely on our places – from commercial occupiers and residents to workers and visitors.

There’s a reciprocal relationship between the wellbeing and prosperity of the neighbourhoods we operate in and that of our business.  

This drives our desire to create long term partnerships with communities which create new kinds of value, whether through placemaking, low carbon development, better public engagement or improving wellbeing, that can be sustained over time. 

Achieving our goals sees us seek to redefine the traditional property owner/occupier relationship to one of a partnership and invest in neighbourhoods to help them to adapt to rapidly evolving needs and climate change. 

As an engaged partner we’re committed to meaningfully involving communities in the future of their neighbourhood. And through our social impact strategy we invest in measuring and improving wellbeing and maximising the role that every part of the business can play in supporting successful communities.

We are a  people and planet positive business.

Find out how we aim to have a positive impact on people through our places, teams, partners and also philanthropic work.

Creating a positive impact through our business

Creating a positive impact through our business

South Molton

Creating a new mixed-use development in Mayfair

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Incorporating social enterprises, local businesses, and SMEs in the supply chain

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Positive Space

Our community charter

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Tenant Investment Fund

Supporting occupiers growth

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Voice. Opportunity. Power

Giving young people a voice

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Greener Futures

Our four-year £1 million+ investment programme focused on communities and the climate emergency.

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Environmental Leadership

Our environmental commitments

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