Supporting community success

We recognise there’s a reciprocal relationship between the wellbeing and prosperity of the neighbourhoods we operate in and that of our business.  We flourish or fail together.

This recognition drives our approach to creating long term partnerships with communities. It provides us with the challenge and opportunity to create new kinds of value, whether through placemaking, development, better public engagement or improved quality of life, that can be sustained over time. 

We partner with a broad range of communities - commercial tenants, residents of all ages in all forms of housing and the working population in, and visitors to, our commercial and public spaces.

Achieving our goals sees us seek to redefine the traditional landlord/tenant relationship to one of a partnership and invest in neighbourhoods to help them to adapt to changes in lifestyles, need and climate change. 

As an engaged partner we’re committed to meaningfully involving communities in the future of their neighbourhood using our community charter, Positive Space and we invest heavily in measuring and improving well-being. 

A business-wide social impact strategy will launch in late 2022, maximising the role that every can play in supporting successful communities and contributing to our core purpose of delivering social benefit.

Our COVID response

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Greener Futures

A new four-year £1 million+ investment programme focused on communities and the climate emergency.

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Positive Space

Our Community Charter

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Voice. Opportunity. Power

Giving young people a voice

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Building trust

Measuring public trust in the planning system

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