27 OCTOBER 2021

£1m climate action programme launched

Grosvenor has launched Greener Futures, a new four-year £1 million+ investment programme focused on communities and the climate emergency.

The programme aims to improve lives in the places Grosvenor helps to make and manage by supporting training for jobs in the green economy, enabling community-led climate action and improving young people’s access to nature.

In addition to the c.£1.4 million GBI donates annually to the Westminster Foundation to support vulnerable young lives in Westminster & Chester, the company has now committed £1 million to Greener Futures over the next four-years which will be boosted by employee fundraising.

To deliver the programme Grosvenor is partnering with Groundwork, a federation of charities mobilising practical community action on poverty and the environment across the UK. A Greener Futures Fund has also been launched with the London Community Foundation, which is now open for applications from community organisations and charities working in Westminster & north Southwark.

The programme aims to champion the potential of local communities in helping tackle the climate emergency alongside global actors. As a new report published last week highlighted, communities are often an over-looked but valuable part of the response: Communities vs Climate Change.  

An effective locally based climate response can also benefit communities, making a difference to people’s health, creating jobs and improving the places where we all live.

Tor Burrows, Executive Director for Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor, said: Climate action needs to ignite at every level. We need Governmental commitments and international agreements hand in glove with a surge in local action, and all this needs to be delivered through partnerships. By working and innovating together we can have a much bigger impact on the ground.

“Greener Futures will see us commit c.£1 million alongside additional employee fundraising by 2025. Together with our partners, we will raise money and offer our time to help communities take full advantage of the economic, wellbeing and social opportunities offered by the transition to a greener economy.”

Graham Duxbury, UK Chief Executive, Groundwork said: “We are pleased to be working alongside Grosvenor on this exciting initiative that will support community-led climate action through green jobs and increasing peoples access to nature. By both encouraging and enabling young people towards a job in the green sector, we not only support young people to gain employment and build a green career, but we are helping to future-proof communities through environmental action that will ultimately benefit us all.”  

About Grosvenor

Grosvenor is a property developer, manager and investor – we create great places where communities, business and nature thrive. 

In London’s West End, we support nearly 1,000 businesses and thousands of residents and workers each day.  We also invest in new neighbourhoods elsewhere in London, Liverpool and across the South of England.  

With a track record of over 340 years, we are part of an international property company improving property and places across many of the world’s leading cities, promoting sustainability within the built environment and enhancing the wellbeing of our customers and communities.   

We are a values-led organisation which represents the Grosvenor family. Our work in property, alongside Grosvenor’s other activities in food and agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives, shares a common purpose - to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit -  addressing today’s needs while taking responsibility for those of future generations.   

Thinking long term allows us to give equal weight to the environmental, social and commercial impact of everything that we do. 

Article contact:

Rachel Garstang

Head of Corporate Communications, Grosvenor Property UK

+44 (0)20 7312 2341 ext.6957

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