09 MAY 2024

Grosvenor leads $100m funding round in Meati Foods, producers of mushroom root meat alternative

Grosvenor Food & AgTech has led a $100m C-1 investment round in its portfolio company Meati Foods, which harnesses nutrient-rich mushroom root to produce a sustainable, whole-cut, alternative to meat.

Meati Foods, of Boulder, Colorado, US, also announced it is expanding into 2,000 Kroger stores, one of America’s largest supermarket operators and retailers, meaning its clean-label meat alternatives will soon be available in over 6,000 stores nationwide.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Meati,” said Katrin Burt, Managing Partner, Grosvenor Food & AgTech, who has also joined Meati Foods as a new board member. “This expansion will enable more people to access delicious, nutritious, and affordable protein which is produced with fewer resources than other meat alternatives. We are proud to back this category-leading product, talented team, and mission to make MushroomRoot™ a global food staple.” 

Mushroom root (mycelium) has similar characteristics to muscle tissue so that it can be formed into any shape, texture, and flavour. The products compare to meat in protein content while being higher in fibre and containing no cholesterol.

To find out more about Meati Foods, click here

profile of Katrin Burt

Katrin Burt

Managing Partner, Grosvenor Food & AgTech

+44 207 3122 792

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