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We first invested in North America in 1952, which makes us one of the most enduring property companies in our region.

As active owners and developers, our specialist property expertise and local knowledge help us craft thoughtfully designed properties that contribute to the vibrancy of the communities in which we operate. Promoting sustainability and enhancing the wellbeing of our customers and communities, we are active in the metro regions of Washington, D.C.,  San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We target stable and diversified markets that have historically outperformed as a result of high barriers to entry.

With house prices in North America at all-time highs, increased demand and housing supply in a +10-year drought, we are looking to capitalize on the current need for apartment and rental product.  

We signed the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment in 2019 and have been publicly reporting our annual consumption and reduction values for over 10 years. We are guided by industry leading ESG business principles and we report to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

See below for more information on our Co-Investment programs.

Canadian Mixed-Use Development

We are developing $2.3bn of mixed-use residential on a controlled 7.9-acre site in Vancouver, Canada.

Plans include delivering six residential towers over two phases, 3mm sq. ft. of apartments, condominiums and retail. 

Image: Brentwood, Burnaby, BC

Learn more about Grosvenor Brentwood here.

Investment Highlights

Significant Grosvenor GP Co-Investment

Grosvenor co-invests 20%-50% alongside our partners, which creates a strong alignment of interests.

ESG Focus

Our far-sighted view of investment, our Net Zero 2030 World Green Building Council commitment and our initial GRESB submission in 2021, drives our focus on the future.

Seasoned Executive Leadership Team

150 years of combined experience, and 17 years of average leadership team tenure with Grosvenor.

Global Perspective, Local Knowledge

Our purpose is to improve property and places by combining an international perspective with an intimate knowledge of local markets and communities.

Strong Track Record

Outperformed the Resi MSCI index in our Core Strategic Markets over a 10-year period.

Platform Stability

Grosvenor has strong governance and maintains two years of financial capacity within its balance sheet, allowing operational flexibility and a managed investment approach.

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